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LISA... is a parent support and lobby group, for parents and families with a family member having an intellectual or multiple disability, and living in a supported accommodation group home in the State of Victoria, Australia.
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  DHS Victoria under fire - Calls for a Royal Commission
Calming Help Now, but little in Later Life  ~   Disability 'Empires' believe they are doing Society a Favour ...  
Little more than Minder Care, in Practice  ~  Real NDIS - A bridge too far!  ~   "Just a Splash in the Pond!" - That's Media ...  
Control and Command of Consumers  ~   People with Disabilities Shut Out - New Zealand - August 2012
Quality Management of Services for People with Disabilities  ~   Principles and Expectations of an ISP  
Heavily Bruised and in State Care  ~   Individual Support Packages and Independent Accreditation  
Bureaucratic Resistive Practices against People with a Disability and their Families  
Concern over use of Drugs to Restrain People with a Disability  ~   NDIS - Service Level Assessment  
NDIS - A Political Domino!
Government Barriers against Consumers  ~   Major Reform of Services -DHS Victoria  
Carers Prey on the Vulnerable - DHS Victoria  ~   Human Services: A Case for Change - DHS Victoria  
"Complete reform of how it is now!", says Dr Galbally  ~   Gag/Hush Money - DHS, Victoria  ~   NDIS - Potential Down Sides
NDIS - "Right Now!" - Victoria  ~  In the Driver's Seat - Yes or No?  ~   Australians with a Disability - Low Legal & Media Profile  
UK RESCARE Closes its doors after 25 years  ~  Crimes against People with a Disability - Daily Mail, UK 
No Penalties! No Dobbing! No Worries!  ~   PUBLIC SERVICE ACCOUNTABILITY  
Young People with disabilities in Nursing Homes  ~   The Loss of Moral Right  ~   Butlin's Ban on Adult Group - Britain
Disability Support Services - Here to Where?  ~   No Place to Call Home!  ~   Worlds Apart! Not Really - But ...  
Autistic Man Repeatedly Injured in State Care  ~  "Box-Ticking Bureaucrats"  ~  "They CALL this CARE!"
Help us - Empower & Expose  ~   Limits to Choice for Consumers with Disability  
NDIS Funded from General Government Revenue  ~  Abuse & Neglect is Everywhere  ~   DHS DSR Dumping - Victoria  
"Money can ease the Suffering, but NOT the Attitude"  ~   "It took years!"  ~   Skills & Self Value Drop Like a Brick  
Government & Non Government Services in Victoria  ~  Bosses Banned from Workplaces!  ~   Casual Staff - Factor in QoL Care!
Not just more of the same, please!  ~   Government Services Have Lost Their Way  ~   M Y T H B U S T E R!  
Attitude, Attitude and Attitude!  ~   Families are a Help not a Hindrance  ~  Health Care Cover for those with a Disability  
"We are easy meat for the bureaucrats!"  ~  When a Parent is not a Parent any more!  ~   Government Captive Market Services  
National Disability Insurance Scheme  ~   Government Disaster Management  ~   Smoke, Mirrors & Failure to Implement
Carers Shouldn't have to ask for help 27 May 2010  ~   Shorten: Champion of the Disabled 25 May 2010  
Our Society Abandons its "sub-class" of carers, making them fight for scraps  
Outdated Welfare System Hits Carers by Mary Lou Carter of Carers Alliance NSW
Kelly Vincent's Maiden Speech in the South Australian Parliament  ~  Major Restrictive Practices  
 "Are we kidding ouselves with NDIS?"  ~   Support the "National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 
Federal Funding to the States Gone Walkabout  ~    Accept Responsibility : Not Avoid It  
ABC TV Four Corners Program - "Breaking Point"  ~   Parent tells it how it is across Australia!
What do they want : What should they do?  ~   PCAS (Person Centred Active Support) as a result of.......
Victorian Government Departments are Bomb Proof  ~  The most significant reform since Medicare, but more is needed
Minister for Bad News  ~   Hit a brick wall in Australia, so moved family to the UK  
Family moves overseas to obtain rights based services  ~   Forced to the Brink  
Is this the Land of the Fair-Go - Dr Rhonda Galbally  ~  Parents Fight Bureaucracy  ~   Will they ever get a Home
About Government being more open  ~  What the DHS said at a Public Forum 
Road Map to a Fairer Australia : PILCH on Human Rights  ~   Guardianship & Administration - Victoria  
Fix the Broken Disability System ~   DHS Questionable Activities  ~   Disadvantaged by Law  
The Gap between Service Intention and Provision ~   DHS Self Directed Planning Report  ~  Entitlement not Hand-Out  
Quality of Life Care  ~    Social Inclusion  ~   Restrictive Practices : Key Themes  ~   Given Rights.........  
Dare to Demand Reasonable Human Rights  ~   United we Stand  ~   Problems in Aged Care are Similar in Disability Care 
Achieving a Carers Mission Statement  ~   Family Carers Streched to Breaking Point  
House of Reps Report on Better Support for Carers  ~   A Fair Go!  ~   NSW Report on the Need for Better Support for Carers  
Captive Market Services v Customer Satisfaction  ~   Why Customers Quit Their Service Provider  
Service Users Must: Service Providers Must  ~   The King has No Clothes  ~   Quality Management
Quality Framework for Disability Services  ~   Corporate Integrity, Information and Resolutions Unit CIIRu  
Great Policies, but little or no Implementation Infrastructure  ~   Victorian State Disability Plan  
Australia is John Wayne Country  ~   No Choice of Service Provider  ~   A Captive Market  ~   Walk the Talk or Talk the Walk?  
Monitoring Quality of Life  ~   Quality of Life Support Monitors  ~  Improving Service Quality Through Complaints
Complaints Commissioner - Feedback Project ~   Minder & At Risk Services  ~  Paranoid Privacy  
Key Workers & Case Managers  ~   Time, Ability, Motivation and Response  ~   When a Parent is Not-a-Parent any more
VCAT in a Changing World  ~  The Giants of Bloodymindedness  ~  Do what we say: Not what we do!  ~  Pass the Parcel
A Classic DHS Pass the Parcel   ~   AHURI Housing Research Report

General & NDIS Links

General Downloads

Summary of World Report on Disability - 24 pages - 1.2MB
World Report on Disability by WHO & World Bank - 300 pages - 3.9MB   ~   Public Advocate (Victoria) Annual Report -2011/2012
Community Visitors (Victoria) Annual Report - 2011/2012   ~   DHS Vic 'A Case for Change, 2012' 
DHS Vic 'Residential Services Practice Manual' 3rd Edition, Aug 2012 
Day Service Handbook by DHS Victoria - Final Draft - May 2012
'Residential Services Practice Manual' - Latest by DHS Victoria   ~   COAG High Level Principles for NDIS  
Community Visitors Protocol - Victoria 2009   ~    Report of the Public Advocate of South Australia - 2011 
Federal DHS Annual Report 2010 - 2011   ~   "Progress for Providers" Service Evaluation Tool   
NSW Ombudsman's Report 10 Aug 2010- "Quality of Life Care Beyond Institutions" 
Community Visitor's Report (Victoria) 2008/9 
Victorian Auditor-General's Report on Accommodation for People with a Disability, March 2008 
Senior Practitioner's Annual Report 2008/9 - DHS Vic (54 pages) 
National Standards Discussion Paper April 2010 (480Kb download) 
DHS Disability Support Register (DSR) ("The waiting List") Guidelines 
Senior Practitioner's Physical Restraint Direction Paper May 2011

Productivity Commission's Report on Government Services - Disability Services


Working with Families

The Scope Outcomes Framework - 2015

"Those were the days!" - A light moment in time .......... (5.5Mb download)

An especially covert Community Visitor Report of May 2017


PRS Picture Link
Active Support Fact Sheet by DHHS & Field

What does good look like?

"Is there such a thing as a good group home?" by Professor Bigby of La Trobe University Research (3Mb download)

Quality of Life Care NOT Mindercare
Interactive Brain Games and Riddles to Play and Develop and Retain Ability  

NDS Zero Tollerence - Care Quality and Safety Parameters

Ability of the brain to develop alterative pathways - Quality of Life Care : Not Minder-Care
ttitude, Attitude and Attitude of Support Staff
Core Support Service Concerns - Bureaucratic and Ideological Resistance
New Values & Vision by DHHS Victoria - August 2015
UK Active Support Highlights
NDIS Style Residential Statments by DHHS, Victoria
 Northern Support Services, Melbourne 
Quality in Practice Guides by CQL 
Some Care Terms by NDIA/NDIS 

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